The Eclipse

Living out of a Picnic Basket

We are ticking-down to our last moments in Portland, and the preparations are reaching a fever pitch. We’ve spent the past few weeks sleeping on the floor, eating fast food, and pulling all-nighters in order to wrap up Andy’s work obligations. Oh, and it is sweltering!

Now it’s Monday, the day before we are supposed to vacate our house and hit the road south to our new home in SoCal. Waking up on the floor is tough enough, but we’re still recovering from an all-day music festival on Saturday.

Hangin’ backstage with Mac Powell.
Mac rocks Fish Fest 2017.

Andy’s sort of swan song in local radio was at Fish Fest in Salem, Oregon, sponsored by 104.1 The Fish. It was fun, but loud, hot, and exhausting. And our plans this morning are astronomical!

Crossroads of the Solar System

Everyone from everywhere is pouring into Oregon to watch the highly vaunted Eclipse. Just when you thought Portland couldn’t get any weirder, the shadow of the moon was about to turn daylight to twilight! The Path of Totality was 99%, so Portland was Ground Zero for a steady flow of astronomers, astrologers, pagans, and people chasing a rare thrill.

Drained by the flurry of activity in the previous weeks (hustling furniture on CraigsList, packing, cleaning, etc.) and especially wrung out by Fish Fest, we are nonetheless giddy with excitement, and this is no time to stop being stylish! I have gathered gourmet treats from Whole Foods, and packed up the picnic basket. Seriously, our fully-outfitted picnic basket has been a life saver the past few weeks.

Later today, we have papers to sign across town. Fitting in trips back and forth across the metro area may keep us hopping, but there is no way we are going to miss this big event! This is kind of the Grand Finale for our time in the PNW! We want to make one last beautiful memory.

One Sky, a Thousand Parks

But where to watch this celestial event? We decide St. John’s Park will give us a view of the eclipse with the scenic St. John’s Bridge and the West Hills as a backdrop.

Notice the streetlights on St. Johns Bridge are on during the Eclipse!

We join a group of eclipse partiers strung out along a boat dock on the Willamette River. Andy sets up his camera and tripod, angling for a view of the eclipse with the gothic spires of the bridge. His camera is precariously perched at the end of the dock. (Watch what happens in the video below!)

Meanwhile, I lay out our basket full of treats. I’ve decided on a lovely little French-themed brunch with mimosas, croissants, marionberry jam, and brie cheese.

What does one eat at a total eclipse? Crescent rolls! With Moonmosas.

Photographing an eclipse can be tricky. Especially when an excited partier, a Millennial in hipster pants, almost knocks Andy’s camera into the Willamette! That does make for a funny video though. (Wait for it. It’s coming.)

Like, Totality!

The eclipse gives us a chance to take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy the peace. It’s about 10 in the morning, and as the sky begins to darken, we put on our special glasses.

It was very, very strange to have twilight at 10 in the morning.

The river begins to get really choppy, with waves oddly slapping the dock. And everything, including the ducks and geese floating on the water, becomes silent. The temperature drops. And then, just like that, it’s over.

One last toast, and let the CRAZY begin.

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