Swami’s Cafe

Restaurant Number 17, Eating Up And Down 101 In Encinitas

It’s a lazy Friday afternoon and summer is finally here! Perfect timing to visit our next dining experience on 101: Swami’s Café, just steps from world-famous Swami’s Beach. We can enjoy lunch sitting outside and soaking up the sun, then stroll down to the beach.

Know Your Swami’s

Swami’s Cafe is a family-owned-and-run restaurant headed by Jay Osuna. Their mission is, “healthy dining with good vibes!” There are several locations though out San Diego, including one in the “New Encinitas” area near our house. We’re keeping it authentic by visiting the original 101 location. Much more fun to enjoy lunch and then hit the beach, rather than hang out at a “strip mall” part of town. However, we have dropped in on that location in the past. I recommend the Fork Mashed Avocado Toast.

The 101 location has more of a quirky beach vibe and food tastes better in the sea air. Although parking is limited, today there is a spot waiting right up front for us. Walk in and order at the counter. They are happy to walk you through the menu options, then bring your order out to you.

Swami’s Café is open until 4 pm. They offer breakfast all day, but also have many lunch items on the menu as well as a variety of smoothies. Andy is doing breakfast and I’m having lunch. We both go for smoothies.


I start with a “Gone Grapefruit” smoothie. The menu says “you must like grapefruit!” I love grapefruit! It’s tart and thick. Sadly, the paper straw is not up to the task of holding up to this tasty smoothie.

I also get the Greek turkey burger. It’s a very juicy burger with an all-natural turkey patty, spinach, fetta cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on a grilled bun. You can choose a small salad, fruit, or chips and salsa. But I opt for the addition of the house fries. They are basically cottage fries with zucchini added. My burger is tasty, but so juicy that the bun falls apart. I really needed more napkins.

Andy orders the “Swami’s Surprise” smoothie. This one is loaded with strawberries, mangos, dates, apple juice, and topped with bee pollen, for an extra dose of health. Now I know what to do with the bee pollen I bought.

Andy’s breakfast burrito has three eggs and tomatoes sautéed with cheddar, onions, jalapeno, guac, and red bell pepper. He rounds out his plate with the house fries and an addition of bacon. His burrito comes with a house-made chili sauce that is super tasty! It’s just chilies, water, and salt. Simple, but wow! His side of bacon was not a wow though. It was cold and rubbery, apparently fried earlier and kept in a bin.

Our Swami’s Conclusion

Our overall experience is very nice, sitting outside in the sun and enjoying our meal. All of the servers were friendly and eager to answer questions.

After a relaxing healthy meal, we need to keep the vibe going with a walk on Swamis beach for a dose of vitamin SEA.