Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Say no to standing in long lines, getting poor customer service, not knowing what is actually in that pumpkin flavoring, and paying $5 for a coffee!

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Darcy’s BBQ Sauce

I have been making this sauce for 25 years. It makes the best BBQ chicken and is a great complement for potato salad, grilled corn with cayenne butter, and a wedge of ripe water melon.

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Darcy's Rockin' Guac

Darcy’s Rockin’ Guac

Good, chunky guacamole is a basic part of any Mexican meal. There are plenty of twists you can do to it (like slipping in some shredded radishes), but this basic recipe also stands on its own. This is the guac I made for our jaunt to Cape Lookout, Oregon.

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