The Shanghai Room, Part 3

The Relocation Reality Show

We’re on our way, moving from Oregon to Encinitas, California. Our plan: to lollygag and sightsee our way down the coast to our new home!

After a fun evening in Florence, Oregon, we have had our first full night’s sleep in forever, and fuel up on hotel breakfast. The vibe is now super chill, and we are ready to take on our mission.

We See the Light(house)

It isn’t the size of your lighthouse, it’s how you shine the beam!

Our first stop of the day is the Umpqua River Lighthouse. This was the first light house in the Oregon Territory. It was originally built in 1857, but that one was destroyed in a flood in 1864. The lighthouse we see today was rebuilt in 1891.

It’s small and a bit underwhelming, but the views of the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Oregon coastline are stunning!

Just around an inlet from here, treasured Umpqua Triangle Oysters are harvested and shipped fresh worldwide. This is a great place for whale watching too, though we don’t spot any.

Midday Sunset Bay

Next we veer off the Coast Highway on a side trip, beginning with Sunset Bay State Park. I had been here years before and want to share it with Andy. If you have a family, this peaceful, scenic bay is perfect for a picnic and a day of sandcastle building. For couples, a romantic stroll and beach combing is just the ticket.

Just a peek at the crescent beach of Sunset Bay State Park.

We enjoy a long walk, stretching our legs. It’s sunny and the tide is low, so we have a lot to explore.

Overlooking Sunset Bay toward the north.

We’re in no particular hurry, and there’s a lot to see. So we drive a little farther to Simpson Reef Overlook for an amazing view of the rugged coastal cliffs.

A little farther still, and the road ends at Cape Arago Lighthouse view point. This really does feel like the edge of the known world! We have to double-back and take something called “Seven Devils Road” through gorgeous countryside to get to the Oregon Coast Highway.

Cape Arago Lighthouse is way out there!

Tick Tick

All this sightseeing means another slow-going day. We make it about 85 miles south and arrive in Bandon, Oregon. But once there, we don’t waste any time.

As we roll into town, I am thrilled to visit Face Rock Creamery! Cheese cheese cheese! We sample cheese, watch cheese being made, buy cheese! I can hardly control myself!

We shop big for the road, stocking up on plenty of cheese, meats and crackers. I am enjoying my field trip.

Long Shadows

As far as I know, this is the end of civilization on the southern coast of Oregon, and we are getting close to 4pm. Looks like Bandon is our home for the night. Problem is, Bandon is a major golfing destination, so the hotels are pricey and book up fast.

But we find Table Rock Motel with two rooms left at a decent price. ($160, no breakfast) The nice lady at the front desk wants to offer us our choice of two rooms. However the lady sitting at a table behind us (who must be the manager) is having none of this!

She leaps to her feet, races around the desk, kicking a trash can and almost tripping to the ground… all the while insisting we are not to have a choice!!! So… okay. She strongly feels that we will LOVE the room SHE chooses!!! So it is to be the Shanghai Room.

Shanghaied Right

When you say “Shanghai” on the Pacific Coast, it conjures specific images of 19th Century sailors drinking too much and waking up as indentured crew or worse. “Shanghai” raises the eyebrows. What’s waiting behind the door?

Posh accommodations, they ain’t. But good enough!

Ok, it turns out to be a cute room with Asian inspired décor! We get two queen beds, a coffeemaker in room, and the best part… a patio with a partial view of the ocean! It’s just a short walk to the cliffs overlooking both Table Rock and Face Rock just offshore!


We are worn out after days on the road, and beginning to feel a bit sluggish from all the restaurant food (if you know what I mean). We decide to make a meal out of our treats from Face Rock Creamery and a few things we forage in the tiny town.

Andy demands a salad, so we go to a place we find online that can make us a salad, The Loft Restaurant and Bar. Unfortunately, they weren’t open at the time we arrived, and don’t really do takeout. But they had pity on us, and made us two wonderful salads to go!


The Shanghai Room patio has a nice table and chairs with a fabulous view, and the room comes with wine glasses at the ready. We set up our dinner of salad, bread, smoked salmon, chocolate and a bottle of Pear Wine to round out our meal.

We enjoy our al fresco feast with cool ocean breezes and sunshine. This is the perfect way to recharge and end our day!

After dinner we wander down to the cliffs overlooking Table Rock. We want to take in a long walk and our last sunset in Oregon.

It is the end of August and it is freezing, but the sunset is beautiful.

Tomorrow it’s California or bust!!!!