Angel’s Rest… and So Do We

Announcing: We Have Something To Announce

Big changes are happening in our home. We had a secret five-year plan, but Andy caught a podcast where the guest recommended turning your five year dream into a six month reality. My reaction is that there is absolutely no way we could do that!

But then, just like that, everything naturally began falling into place to make it happen. Well, “naturally,” with a little push.


But we’re not quite ready to shout our intentions from the rooftops. Our youngest is graduating from high school, and we want the focus and celebration to be on her. We are going to wait until Father’s Day to make things public.

Andy thinks it would be fun to hike to the top of Angel’s Rest in the Columbia Gorge to do a teaser video.

Peak Experience

Wild irises along the trail.

The trailhead for Angel’s Rest is just off I-84 on Old Columbia River Highway, about 45 minutes east of downtown Portland. This is described as a “moderate” hike, but on a hot day, the 4.8 miles out-and-back can creep into “difficult” territory.

The pinnacle is an exposed bluff towering 1640 feet overlooking the entryway to the west end of the Columbia Gorge.

Coopey Creek crosses the trail, and eventually becomes Coopey Falls.

Most of the way is quite easy, hiking on shady forest trails dotted with wildflowers and a flowing stream. But that last 25% is a killer!


Rocky, exposed switchback trails with the sun beating on you. What keeps me going is Andy just a few steps ahead with a backpack full of homemade burritos and a cold bottle of white wine.

Making it to the top is well worth it! You get sweeping views and a such a sense of accomplishment that you feel like you should get a ribbon… or at least a selfie.

Amazing vistas 270-degrees up-and-down the Gorge, plenty of sunny, flat warm rocks to sit on to enjoy our picnic, and lots of peace and quiet.

Topping Out

We unpack the Traveling Wine Glasses and pop open a bottle of cool, white wine. Next, we do a Facebook Live letting people know that in a few weeks we would have big news to share!

I think it’s cute that some people are guessing that I am expecting. Uh, yeah… a 50 year old woman that has just climbed up 1600 feet, standing on a rock waving a wine glass? Oh, and oh-so-close to being an empty nester! I’m flattered people think I am still young enough to do that!

But no, that’s not it. Guess again people!